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A Coast Guard JayHawk hovers over students during PreConference training

An Air Force Combat Rescue PaveHawk flares into a hover for hoist operations. The hook on the cable is visible just below the aircraft.

Class Title/Description

Instructor/Contact Person

ICS-300 - May 13-15 - An intermediate level national curriculum NIIMS ICS course covering incident and event organization and planning, resource management, air ops, etc.

Bill Vargas - NO CHARGE

ICS-400 - May 15-17 - An advanced level national curriculum NIIMS ICS course. This is only the second time that na advanced ICS course has been offered

Bill Vargas - NO CHARGE

SAR Incident Managment - May 13-15 - This course focuses on the first 24-26 hours of a SAR mission. It provides initial responding SAR Coordinators with the training they need to locate the subject(s) as rapidly as possible.

Chris Long - NO CHARGE

Urban Search Operations - May 16-17 - this course will focus exclusively on Search in the Urban Environment.

Chris Long - NO CHARGE

Fun Scent Games for Dogs - May 15-17 - Did you know that the more scent work you do with your dog, the more sensitive the dog's nose becomes? Learn and play fun scent games with your dog. We'll be doing scent discrimination, article searches, match to scent and scent line-ups.

Marcia Koenig & Trudy Kiefer - $125 FEE

ELT's, EPRIB's & PLB's Demystified - May 15-17 - This course has been designed to give SAR and Law Enforcement personnel real "hands on experience" with locating the source of emergency radio beacons. Covering 20-25 hours of instruction and field application, it permits each participant to become proficient and capable with radio direction finding techniques and theory.


Electronic Maps and GPS for SAR - May 16 - Aimed at SRA Managers that want to effectively use maps and GPS for pre-planning, mission response, and documentation.

Rick Hood - $30 FEE, Class size limited to 20

Wilderness First Aid Considerations for SAR Managers and Sr. Field Responders - May 17 - Aimed at SAR Managers and First Responders, EMTs, and Wilderness EMTs that want to better understand/address key medcal issues in the field.

Rick Hood - $30 FEE, Class size limited to 20

UTS Basic Tracking Course - May 13-15 - A tracking course especially for Novice and Track Aware students and open to all interested persons, previous tracking training or experience not limited or required. This will be a UTS Track Aware certification course for all eligible students.

Joel Hardin - $125 FEE

Wilderness Survival - May 13-15 & May 15-17 - In each class, students will learn how to prioritize the five essentials along with various skills necessary to meet them.

Greg Davenport - $150 per person/per class, Class size limited to 15 students

SAR Helicopter Operations - Ma[y 15-17 - Various agencies have been invited to participate with up to four hour training sessions. There is no charge for this series of classes - as there is no guarantee of aircraft availability. More info

John Carlson - E-mail -NO CHARGE, Class size limited to 20

Certified Training for Water Rescues - May 14-17 - In conjunction with Rescue 3 NW and World Rescue Group, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician III Course is being offered for rescue personnel and whitewater boaters

Casey Garland - $350 FEE

Modern use of the Remote Training Collar (Electronic Training Collar) - May 15-16 - In this seminar all the myths and legends you have heard about Ecollars will be dispelled. This seminar will appeal to those who are opposed to the use of Ecollars, those who have never used on and those who have been using them for years.

Lou Castle - $125 FEE for participant, $75 FEE for Observer

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