Regional SAR Air Ops Training
Skamania County, WA - July 21, '07

PaveHawk hoist demo
304th Combat Rescue Squadron - '01 State SAR Conference.
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The 304th no longer has aircraft vailable - Rats!

An opportunity for SAR teams from the Columbia River Gorge region to gather for training.

Our goal is to bring regional SAR Teams, and air rescue resource agencies together in a way that promotes a clear understanding of the capabilities these agencies have - and how to best (and safest) work with them.

Each unit is invited to send 10 members. All students must have a Washington DEM #.

Agencies who plan to supply aircraft:

  • Coast Guard Group AstoriaCoast Guard JayHawk
  • 36th Rescue Flight
  • Charlie Co. (formerly 1042nd)
  • LifeFlight

We are very grateful for their help in making this happen.

Paritcipating SAR Teams:

  • Clark County SAR
  • Crag Rats - Hood River, OR
  • Klickitat County SAR
  • Pacific Nothwest SAR - OR
  • Silver Star SAR
  • Skamania County EMS
  • Volcano Rescue Team (VRT)
  • Wind River SAR

We will provide dinner, and asked for a $5 donation from each student to offset food costs. Donations are always appreciated - Please make checks payable to: Wind River SAR.

July 21 '07 Regional SAR Air Ops Training



Check in

Intro, Safety Brief


USCG Astoria



36th Rescue Flight
Charlie Company

As is always the case when dealing with air assets, we can make no guarantees about aircraft availability. We do everything possible to schedule meaningful training evolutions - but in the end it is all about missions and maintenance!

The #1 training priority is SAFETY.

REQUIRED Training: Basic Helicopter Safety

Basic Helicopter Safety was offered by Wind River SAR - Thursday, June 28, 7 pm at the Skamania County EOC.

REQUIRED Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - No exceptions:

All students will be checked for the following before being allowed anywhere near running aircraft.

Helmet with 3-point chin strap

Advent A-2

Ecrin Roc

... or similar - chin strap MUST connect
on each side and in back.

Eye Protection

Full goggles required
- NO safety glasses.

Full Leather Gloves

"Flight Gloves" will NOT work for tag line ops.

Hearing Protection


Must be long sleeved, and non-synthetic
(Wool, Cotton or Nomex Ok).


Must be full length, and non-synthetic
(Wool, Cotton or Nomex Ok).

Sturdy boots

Must provide good support and traction.

The Air Ops Staff will closely control all movements around the aircraft. Please be patient with this, while it may seem at times excessive, we will always err on the side of safety!

Students were encouraged to work with their search gear (radio harness, pack, etc.) around the helicopters to see what works - and what doesn't. Ensure that any equipment is securely fastened.

For communications testing, use Alternate State SAR (155.265). This will allow students to try different headsets, etc...

FRS radios have found many uses in SAR, and their use at this training is encouraged.

SAR Air Ops - Maps (Stabler Topo/photo - Skamania County - EOC (classroom) - PDF Driving Directions - HeliSpots)

Contact John Carlson - 509/427-8076 - E-mail