304th Combat Rescue Squadron PaveHawk - Landing one is a memorable experience!
PaveHawk on final landing.

Photo by Kathleen Carlson.

Without a doubt, one of the most intense components of SAR missions is when the mighty UH60 BlackHawk arrives for a rescue. Being under a BlackHawk in a low hover during a hoist operation, with its 80-100mph rotorwash, is an experience not soon forgotten!

These powerful helicopters are able to conduct hoist rescue operations under many conditions, including the dark of night. (Combat Rescue Demo)

A Special Operations variation of the BlackHawk is the PaveHawk. With the addition of inflight refueling, and advanced electronics, the PaveHawk is ideally suited to Combat Search and Rescue missions - and have been instrumental in the success of many civilian SAR missions.

This powerful helicopter is crewed by the best. From the Aircraft Commander flying the ship, to the Flight Engineer in back, they truly represent the very best. In addition, when these ships take on a mission, they also take on a couple PJ's. The PJ (Pararescueman) is about as "High speed, low drag" as any of our elite special forces - when they arrive on scene you know you're working with the top rescuers in the world. Period.

Sadly, politics has seen fit to remove this unique rescue capability from the northwest - They're now assigned to Florida Mountain Rescue or some other such venue... They are missed.


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